Guide To Casinos in New Zealand

This guide to casinos in New Zealand will let you know how New Zealand’s gaming environment is remarkably similar to that of many other nations, including Canada, India, as well as Poland. Internet gambling is banned in New Zealand, as it is in these other nations, although there are no laws against gambling using online casinos based elsewhere. In reality, all of the top gambling and online betting in New Zealand are based outside of the country and are regulated by international regulatory agencies. This kind of law may be found in many nations, and it is pretty typical for a government to declare gambling illegal inside its boundaries but permissible outside of them.

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New Zealand’s Path to Becoming an Online Gambling Hotspot

The Automatic Totalizator, invented by New Zealander George Julius in 1913, made sports betting a national pastime. This automated tote board system allows spectators to view every horse’s current position throughout the course, and since then, gamblers can watch their windfall coming or leaving.

Even with the limitation period ended, New Zealand’s yearly income from all types of gaming enterprises exceeds $NZ 2 billion, with New Zealand online gambling accounts for almost 25% of this total. Bookmaking or betting on horse races wasn’t really allowed between the 1920s and 1961 unless such activities were conducted at race tracks. Other casino gambling ventures were strictly banned until the New Zealand government allowed lotteries in the 1980s.

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Legislation Involved

Currently, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is responsible for all gaming activities in New Zealand. The Gambling Act of 2003 is the country’s primary piece of law representing the applicable legislation on the subject. Last but not least, it is the first legislation in the nation to regulate online gambling as well as remote interactive gaming. Under current law, interactive gambling via the internet is prohibited, with limited exceptions granted regarding certain sales promotion programmes conducted in the guise of a lottery.

Where Can Kiwis Play Online Casino Games?

Despite New Zealand’s stringent gambling regulations, internet gaming has been increasing in popularity for many years. Online gambling, in particular, is growing popularity throughout the globe, and New Zealand has none of that. The reason for this is straightforward: New Zealanders have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing which casinos to visit and play at. However, it’s essential to remember that, even though they’re all labelled as “New Zealand” online casinos, they’re all registered beyond the nation and regulated by one of the leading gaming organisations that can licence Kiwi casinos.